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ConsumerReports.org Discount


Save 27% on an annual subscription to ConsumerReports.org, Consumer Reports’ online consumer information web site featuring Product Reviews, Product Ratings and Buying Guides. You’ll also get the latest issue of the magazine online.


Dell Computer Discounts




•Member ID: PS16626766


Flower Discount




•Save 20% when you send flowers.


Powell’s Bookstore


Save on new and used books and textbooks at this discount unionized Internet bookseller.



Union-Made Clothing Discounts


• All American Clothing 1-888-937-8009, code: UNIONPLUS


• Justice Clothing Co. 1-888-661-0620, code: UNIONPL


• Union House 1-877-462-7710, code: UNIONPLUS


• Buy union-made apparel and save 5% to 10% on everything you buy. Jeans, dress shirts, casual wear, jackets and more.


AT&T Wireless Discount


Save up to 15% on cellular phone service with a unionized wireless phone company.