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The BCTGM has organized and bargained high quality collective agreements for thousands of North American manufacturing, production, maintenance and sanitation workers in the bakery, confectionery, tobacco and grain milling industries. We have also organized and bargained first union contracts for workers in the dairy industry.


For more than 125 years, the BCTGM has fought to improve the standard of living and quality of  life for our members, their families and all working people in North America. That tradition has continued in recent years, despite a recession, rising healthcare costs and staggering unemployment numbers. Organizing is the most important way to raise the working and living standards of all workers. Union workers earn 30 percent more money than non-union workers, and 44 percent more when including the total compensation of health and welfare benefits.


BCTGM Local Unions have been very successful in negotiating contracts that have benefited the membership, while allowing employers to remain competitive. The BCTGM has always believed that bargaining can be a win-win situation: a well-complensated, healthy workforce equals higher productivity, less turnover and higher quality.


The union advantage is clear. Organizing more workers will strengthen our union and our contracts, and our communities with good jobs. United, we are a powerful voice for justice at work. Together, we can protect the good jobs that workers need to achieve the American dream.


If you have questions about what it means to be a member of the BCTGM, CLICK HERE, or on the “Contact Organizing” tab above to send your questions directly to the International Organizing Department.