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Line of Communication


Notifies members of all relevant meetings and encourages attendance; Keeps members informed about actions of the executive board, grievance committee or other decision-making body of the Local Union; solicits opinions and communicates to the Local Union officers the feelings and concerns of union members on a regular basis; builds support for contract negotiations, executive board action and shop floor activities.




Explains to members their rights and how to exercise them; explains the contract, grievance procedure, health and safety and other workplace regulations and protections, internal union procedures, and relevant laws.




Welcomes new hires/members to the union; participates in the orientation process for new members that explains the union and the rights, privileges and benefits of union membership; mobilizes the members for tough grievance and contract fights; assists in internal organizing (in right-to-work states); assists in external new member organizing.


Representative/Grievance Handler


Speaks for the Union and acts as the representative at the workplace; represents all workers in the bargaining unit fairly and without discrimination; acts as the primary contract enforcer and works to make management live up to the contract; listens to worker complains; investigates, prepares, presents and writes grievances.


Problem Solver


Works to resolve problems before a worker is adversely affected or before the situation escalates to a grievance; develops relationships of respect and trust among the membership; works to develop open communication with supervisors; refers workers with problems away from the workplace to the appropriate union, government, professional or community service agencies.


Duty of Fair Representation for Stewards


Line of Communication


Investigate all grievances fairly and fully.


Don’t discriminate against your members.


Pay attention and adhere to the time limits in your grievance procedure.


Don’t play favorites or act in an arbitrary manner.


Represent all members equally and in good faith.


Keep members informed.


Investigate, prepare and present grievances in an above-board and professional manner.


Don’t “horse-trade” grievances. Handle each grievance on its own merit.


Not all grievances are taken forward, particularly to arbitration. Many are unfounded, without basis in contract violation, unwinnable, lack evidence or supporting data.